ACLS Certification

The ACLS online certification page could improve it’s design by…
The section on Nationally Accredited gives a list of items, but has no colon (:) to introduce that list. The “a” looks strange just floating there. Other than that I actually really did like the design. It flowed well when I scrolled down and I didn’t see anything that bugged me. I guess it is a bit odd to have 3 smiling women in a row on the same side of the webpage as you scroll down. If you could get one of them on the other side, it would be more aesthetically pleasing. Other than that it looks really nice!

You and Web Design

the medical coding and billing school uses images effectively in the background. The logos on the page jump out and look good. The picture of medical professionals that is in the back when you scroll is a really nice touch. However, the first picture you see when you go to the site is of a blurry red-head. The fact that it is blurry is really off-putting to me.